Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birds Again...

The bird for today is Western Tanager. I looked out my kitchen window at my ponds waterfall and spied one sitting on the wet rocks. He sat and posed for quite some time allowing me to get a great look at his magnificent plumage. I wish I'd had my camera handy, although I know I know he would have flown off as I opened the back door, and it's so hard to get a good bird picture anyway. Watching the birds on my rocks got me thinking about a new project I might like to do... I think I'd like to set up a "bird cam" trained on my waterfall so I can easily check for pretty birds when I'm not standing at the window, and even better, when I'm sitting at my desk at work. I've been told that webcams are easy to set up and hook to instant messenger. If I can figure out what kind to buy I may give it a try. I mentioned this idea to one of my nerdy birdy friends and next thing you know she is at my door dropping off her Cornell Lab of Ornithology newsletter that contained an article on nestcams. Unfortunately there wasn't much set up information, so I'll have to do some research (hmmm.... will that take me all summer?)
Anyone know anything about webcams? Outdoor web cams? I'm thinking this could be a fun little project for a nerdy little girl like me.

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Anonymous said...

Webcams. hmmmm. I have one duct taped to my monitor (given to me by a friend who had it for her notebook) so hence the reason for the duct tape.
Now I can Skype my son in London and make obnoxious video emails for my friends.
Setting it up outside to capture birds is beyond me but I trust you will figure it out, chica.