Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concert Friends....

A couple of my morning coffee shop barista's are playing in a band and they invited me to attend their show last night at Kilby Court. The guys are young, around my sons age (friends of his too),so I'm happy to support their musical endevours. As an extra added treat, the other band playing was the band of a good friend of mines son (one of those kids I knew when he was bump in his moms belly!) that I've been wanting to see in concert for a long time.

Kilby is a pretty funky venue, several small buildings suround a court yard with a fire pit, the "concert hall" is essentially a ratty old four car garage; cinderblock walls, exposed beams,a few vines trailing into the eves from the ouside. There is a small raised stage in the corner surrounded by corrugated fiberglass panels decorated with Christmas lights. It's an all ages (non-drinking) venue, thus most of the clientel are teenagers. I'm sure "old farts" like me stick out like a sore thumb, but that's Ok,I don't care because I'm young at heart!

I have to admit I had a great time with the teens. When I first walked up my friends son, Ben, rushed right up to talk, and was thrilled that I came to his show. The girl behind the ticket window took one look at me and said, "You're Matt Morrison's mom aren't you? You used to come teach science in elementary school". I of course didn't recognize her and had to ask her name; kids do change a lot in the 12 years! I was thrilled she was actually a kid I remembered... but now she was a red headed adult instead of a little blonde 1st grader. I can honestly say I was a tad flattered that she remembered me from so long ago.

My barista friends came and chatted and seemed genuinely happy we came to support them. Then between bands yet another young man came up to chat. I didn't recognize him with his very short hair, but he was the son of yet another friend, (another I knew as a belly bump!). I felt like such a dork when I realized who it was, and we had a nice talk. It's so nice to see that all the boys I watched grow up have turned into such fine young adults.

I wasn't the lone "old fart" for long, a whole bunch of other (old like me!) coffee shop regulars came to support their favorite barista's. So it ended up being a nice social night for me. I was really glad I went.

I was especially glad to finally hear Ben's band; "The Periodic Table of Funk". I had always heard they were good, and I wasn't disapointed. They were quite excellent and extremely professional!!!! Funky, jazzy, original, jam band music. Sadly, here in Utah, they can't play in real clubs until they're 21, so they'll have to wait another year, meanhile I guess they get to keep playing the teeny bopper venues like Kilby. But they're definitely ready for the big time! I think those boys are going places!

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Anonymous said...

Your presence obviously meant quite a lot to those young people.
The fact that they bothered to approach you and chat was a big pat on your back.
It felt good, didn't it?