Saturday, November 28, 2009

Belated Holiday Greetings!

I meant to post Thanksgiving Day greetings on Thanksgiving, but somehow it didn't happen... probably because I was too busy cooking. I thought it was going to be a low key dinner, just me and my kids and friend of mine. Then the day before the holiday Matt mentioned that 3 of his friends from college decided to road trip up for the weekend. They have friends here and apparently think Salt Lake is a hip place to come party. So of course I told Matt he could invite them to dinner if they had no other plans, which they didn't, so we ended up with a full house for dinner. After pouring the wine and sitting down I looked at Matts friend who was sitting at the end of the table and said "I guess you have to say grace". The look on his face was positively priceless, he thought I was serious and totally didn't know what to do... until Matt, Sarah and I burst out laughting because we all knew I was kidding. Being the non-religious types we skipped grace and had a nice toast to thankfulness instead. I really enjoyed having all the "boys" over for dinner. It nice to get a glimpse into Matt's college life.

I had a great Black Friday as well. Did I go shopping? Hell no!!! A few friends and I headed up to Crystal Hot Springs for an afternoom of soaking and sunning, followed by a nice dinner at Jeremiahs on the way home. That's my idea of a perfect Black Friday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Question of the day....

Why would men bother with high maintenance hairdos? Or really, that was my question last night. I went with some friends out to a club to hear a band, and was dumbfounded by the number of guys with high maintenance do's. Not just a little hair gel, but how about a full mohawk that must have stood a foot straight up in the air. It was kind of golden in color and looked interesting when back lit just right. Then there was the guy who sported the "crown". He has a wide, crown like headband, and his hair was styled onto lots of three inch spikes sticking straight up from. How about a short fluffy mohawk colored magenta red. Even the guys with more "normal" styles seemed had hair styles much more fussy than most guys I know. Lot of hair gel or mousse or "product" of somesort. I can't deal with fussy, high maintenance hairdos for myself it's hard to pictures guys wanting to deal with hair hassle, but apparently it's hip, at least with the younger guys!