Saturday, March 17, 2018

Found Art!

I've not posted anything about art in quite sometime, but I had an experience a while back that I thought I should share. This is not about my art, but about found art and delightful surprises.

Living in Salt Lake we are lucky to have the Sundance Film right in our backyard and for the last few years I been able to see a few movies and spend an afternoon or two wandering the streets of Park City checking out the festivities. There's always some fun things to see and interesting people watching.

At the same time Park City is also host to a second film festival... an 'alternative' film festival, Slamdance. While wandering through town we stopped at the Treasure Mountain Inn to see what Slamdance had to offer. There we found a table covered with post cards for all the different offerings. Amid all the glossy, professional postcards we found of a couple ordinary paper cards, but they were hardly ordinary, they were actually hand printed with original designs, signed and numbered, and had a sticker on the back directing you to the website of Gabrielle Kash, a young animator living in Brooklyn, NY. I thought the hand made prints were a pretty cool marketing idea!

There were not many prints left, so not wanting to be greedy I just chose one - "Lizard" 37/50

"Lizard" is a character in the movie she was advertising; an animated short called Lorem Ipsum which asks the following 2 questions:

"What is difficult about making art?"
"Why keep making art?"

Now those are some questions I can relate to. The movie is done in stop motion, which I adore, and one of the characters was making jewelry. It turns out that 'lizard' breathes a little fire. Could it really be a dragon? I like to make ceramic dragons. Totally up my alley. The Lorem Ipsum page also has nice series of photos showing how she makes her stop motion puppets and I love it when artists share their process!

I was pretty jazzed to randomly find a cool piece of art, so I went and bought a little frame and it is now hanging in my living room. Thanks Gabrielle for the gift! I wish you well in your career!

If you want to watch Loren Ipsum, it's here.