Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome to my Winter Wonderland!

I must interrupt my vacation travelog for a winter weather alert.

That's right, winter!!

Awoke to 4 inches of snow this morning (yes, I actually measured)! .....and it's been snowing on and off all day.

I haven't even turned the heat on yet.... But I have shoveled my drive!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 6 Mund's Wagon Trail

After having such a delight evening adventure the night before, I was actually kind of tired, so rather than rushing out to hike I went out for a lovely breakfast. Then headed to a trail not far from the resort. Mund's Wagon Trail. Very shortly into the hike things got confusing. The trail merged with a wash, and became unclear. As I stood there confused about where to go, wondering if I was confused because I was so tired and dazed, another hiker walked into the wash. Whew, he was as confused as I was, but suggested maybe the trail crossed the jeep road. I decided to follow him but it didn't take long for, me to decide that must not be the way and turned around. Back in the wash I spied a cairn marking the right way, so I was off. I ran into a couple of nice women and hiked along with them. Not but a 100 yards down the trail the three of us were confused about where the trail went. As we stood contemplating the trail (or lack there of), my first hiking buddy ambled up. I greeted him, telling him I'm glad he found us and wasn't lost in the desert,and we all stood confused about where to go next.

Eventually we found the trail, and I decided that since the trail seemed so confusing, and I was tired and perhaps not thinking clearly, that perhaps I shouldn't be hiking alone and asked the guy if I could join him. He seemed happy for the company,so off we went together. His name was Rob, he had driven up from Phoenix for the day to hike and take pictures. So we hiked the 4 miles to the end of the trial and back, having nice discussions, mostly about photography along the way. Once again I was pleasantly surprised by nice people you meet while adventuring alone. Great company and conversation, I learned a lot of new photography info, plus I was motivated to forget my tiredness and do the entire 8 mile hike. Another great vacation day!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 5

Sedona from Cathedral Rock
Not a wilderness hike today but a fun climb up to the base of the spires of Cathedral Rock.
Cathedral Rock

View from the spires

View from the spires

One fun thing about traveling alone is that you never know who you will meet along the way. Coming down from Cathedral Rock I ran into a guy. I don't remember why we started talking, but he was an energy healer from Canada. He had driven 36 hours to come see Sedona's energy vortexes, one of which is near Cathedral Rock. I can't say I'm a 'believer', but I am curious so I asked him if I could tag along. He agreed and we headed down the trail to the creek where the vortex is purported to be. I can't say I felt any magic energy, but the hike along the creek was beautiful and the conversation interesting. Across the creek is Buddha beach, where people visiting the vortex have built lots of small rock cairns offering healing prayers.
Creek by Buddha Beach

After my apres hike soak in the hot tub at the resort I headed out on my second adventure of the day... a trip to Jerome AZ, an old copper mine town perched high on the mountains about 30 miles west of Sedona. The mining days are over, and now the town is bit of an artist community. Not much was open when I arrived, but I did find a great gallery of local and had a lovely chat with the owner. Being alone really opens up the door to a lot of interesting conversations.

Walking up the street I found a great little southwester restaurant, Quince. As I was contemplated the menu deciding whether it was where I wanted to eat, a guy with a guitar walked in... so I knew it was the place for me. I sat at the bar, joked with the bartender, ordered food and a very yummy margarita. A prickly pear fresh mint margarita, made with lime and Grand Marnier and good tequila... definitely not a 'Utah' drink. LOL The music was awesome, a fabulous guitar player, Eric Miller. Spanish/jazzy, all I can say is that I think I'm in love...(well, with his music) I sat for 2 hours and listened until he was finished, then had to by a CD...nice guy too we had a nice little chat about music and he even showed me pictures of his sisters artwork What at lovely evening, I never would have though I'd have such fun adventuring out on my own.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 4 - Brins Mesa

This was a marvelous hike, chosen because it wanders into wilderness area. I did not realize until I got to the trail head map kiosk that I could hike it as a loop; up Soldier Pass, across the mesa and back down Mormon Canyon. The start of the trail had a few interesting features; a large sink hole, and the Seven Sacred Pools

The seven Sacred Pools

On top of the mesa.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 3...Let the Hiking Begin!

Finally! My first real day in Sedona!!! I headed off to start my weeks mission... to hike and hike and hike... That was my only real plan for Sedona - to get out and hike! I picked the Courthouse Butte/ Big Park trail loop as it looked like a good 5+ miler that routed through a wilderness area. I was awestruck on my first Sedona hike, the red rocks, the desert vegetation, the blue skies, the beauty was astounding. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Courthouse Butte

On the left - Spaceship Rock

Bell Rock