Saturday, July 05, 2014

Ka Boom!

This is a bit out of order for me, as I still need to post a northern adventure story and I have some southern adventures to add as well, but last night was the 4th of July, and I decided to see what my new camera lens could with fireworks. I'm a lucky gal when I remodeled my house many years ago we added a deck which gives us some nice valley views, so we can see lots of fireworks off in the distance on 4th, and on a year when the the country club does fireworks, a nice display right on the edge of my neighborhood. Last night I decided to set up the tripod and try some bulb exposures and see what I could do. Fireworks are tricky, as you don't know what they will look like as they launch, and they are so ephemeral that hitting the shutter at the right moment is a bit of crap shoot. Using bulb exposure is just a guess... a 1 second exposure? More, less, who knows? My camera is slow to process dark shots, so I would often miss a chance for a good shot while waiting for the camera to finish. I took a bunch of lousy pictures, had a few OK shots, but it sure is nice to get a shot that stands out screaming "I'm the one", as this one did!!!