Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had a nice surprise this week. My brother came and spent a week here in Utah on business. He flew in Sunday early afternoon so I stook him adventuring. First stop was Antelope Island, where we climbed to the top of the Buffalo Point ocerlook to take in the views. I think the views of the Great Salt Lake fron here are amazing. I did learn a valuble lesson though... don't go there in the spring. The bugs were terrible. We were totally swarmed with little tiny biting flies, which made for a quick trip.

From there we headed up north and due to a detour to grab something to eat we drove by the old Union Pacific Station, where there is train museum. Jim saw the old engines outside and wanted to stop and play and climb on them. They were pretty cool to see close up, especially the really old ones. It's great to have a brother who wants to play!

Our real northern destination was the hot springs, where we had a nice soak. I liek to take visitors there because hot springs are a rarity in most places. I'm not sure anyone every likes them quite as well as I do (I'm a hot springs nut!) but it's always a nice day.

But were are the pictures you ask? I snapped one while walking ot the top of Buffalo Point. When we reached the top I went to snap another and realized my camera was gone. It must have worked it's way out of my pocket as we hoofed it up the hill. I was traumatized. I've been carrying my little Pentax Optio S5I (it's the one that fits in in the Altoids tin) practically everywhere for the last four years. I love my little camera, have no desire for another one, it is my trusted friend! We scoured the trail on the way down, but didn't find it. There was a couple hiking down as we went up, my hope is that they found it and turned it in. We checked on the way out, no such luck. Sigh. Monday, I started researching new cameras, then realized I should check with a park again. I made a call and low and behold my camera had been turned in. So Monday after work I drove the 40 miles back to park and now I have my baby back. Maybe I shouldn't get so attached to things, butyou know newer isn't better if love what you have.