Saturday, June 01, 2013

Adventures in Rehab... The Salty West

Last weekends adventure... headed out west to salt flats with a friend and her 16 year old son who wanted to take pictures for some some video game graphics. First stop, the tree sculpture along I-80... It's an odd landmark out in the middle of nowhere in barren west desert. I've driven by it many times but never stopped to get a good look before. There is no turn off and I don't think you are supposed to stop but am glad we did. Whizzing by at 70 miles an hour I've never really appreciated the detail of all the mosaics up on the balls Metaphor: The Tree of Utah

Next stop the Bonneville Salt Flats, am expanse of salt crust that is famous for being the place the land speed records are set... though not this time of year as the flats were mostly under water. I guess that is why 'Speed Week' happens in the fall!

I also got a reminder on why I need to work on my photography... all the "whiteness" messed with my exposure... I really need learn to use the manual features of my camera better... and actually used them.

Since we were way out west anyhow, we headed in to Wendover to check out the the Historic Wendover Airfield, a World War II era bomber base. We got there to late to visit the museum, but did climb around inside the old aircraft and walked around all the old ramshackle buildings.