Thursday, November 30, 2017

A season of Lost Lake....

2017 was the year of "Old Dog Adventures"... Meaning that Kona, the 'old dog' wasn't really up for much hiking, so we did a lot exploration by car with short hike/walks as dictated by what the dog was willing to do. We decided it would be a good year to explore the Uintas, where there are some less steep hikes than what the Wasatch offers. We headed up the first week the Mirror Lake highway was open, and then the second, and then decided our quest for the summer would be make it up to Lost Lake for a weekly photo as well as explore other areas of the Uintas.

As it turned out it proved quite interesting to go the same place every week and see what changes mother nature had in store for us, I especially had fun watching the transition of the wild flowers over an entire season.

Week 1 June 9 - the first week the Mirror Lake Highway was open

Week 2 June 18
Week 3 June 25
Week 4 July 2
Week 5 July 9
Week 6 July 16
Week 7 July 23
Week 8 July 29
Week 9 August 5
Week 10 - August 13
Week 11 August 19
Week 12 August 28
Week 13 Sept 2
Week 14 Sept 10
Week 15 Sept 17
Week 16 Sept 24 Kaboom... on the way to Uintas in a snow storm the BF's car made a loud thunking sound, lost power, coasted to stop and ended it's life with a few engine flames... thus ending our weekly Lost Lake streak.

Week 17 Oct 1

Week 19 Oct 15
Week 23 November 12