Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Alfred Lambourne Prize

I entered an art piece to a show, The Alfred Lambourne Prize. This is a show dear to my heart as is all about celebrating our relationship to the Great Salt Lake, a place I love. THis show is extra interesting in that it showcases many genres; visual art, literary art, movement and sound. The piece I made was a fun experiment, I used clay from the Great Salt Lake Lake bed as a glaze on my ceramic pieces. Many pieces representing the diversity of experiences at the lake. I was pleased with how they turned out.
My asty fartsy description of my piece and it's inspiraton...


Dead sea

Oddly industrial

An artist's canvas

Fluctuating water levels

Clouds reflecting on water

Sunset skies paint horizons

Wind whipped sea foam

Remnants of the past

Pink microbial waters

Patterned salt crust

Vibrant wildflowers

Swarming insects

Essential habitat

Birds overhead

Rocky shores







Every day, every season, every visit is new experience.

Always intriguing



My submission for the Alfred Lambourne Prize embodies the diversity and uniqueness of each Great Salt Lake experience

. Each ceramic piece is glazed with slurry of Salt Lake clay, allowed to run and puddle randomly when fired in a cone 10 kiln where the clay glaze freely reacts with it's own inherent impurities, the reducing atmosphere in the kiln, and colored slips applied below the glaze.

Just like every visit to the Great Salt Lake offers a nature lover an unpredictable, unique and interesting experience, each ceramic piece glazed with lake clay emerges from the kiln as a surprise to the artist; unique, organic, different than the other.

Mounted on weathered "Salty Fir" lumber that was commercially reclaimed from the waters of the Great Salt Lake.