Sunday, December 04, 2011

Light time..

Am I becoming the "Daffy Dog Dame", or do all single women take their dogs to the bar? Ok, I didn't really take her to the bar, but when I head downtown to play bar trivia with some friends after our Wednesday night run, Daisy often comes along with me. Since Christmas season is upon us I decided that after trivia I should take Daisy for the four block walk up Main Street to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square.

I have walked Daisy many places, but I think this was the first time in her 11 years that I've walked her through the heart of the city. She was quite curious about the chirping sound the crosswalk signal made, and she was momentarily frightened when the Trax train rumbled up the street. I don't think that she realized that it was kind of tacky to try to beg food from a homeless guy who was sitting on a planter eating a snack...Oops.

I'm not sure when I last went downtown to see the Christmas lights. It was a favorite thing to do an snowy December night when I was a married person, but since becoming single I haven't bothered. Judging by all the young couples walking the square, it is still the romantic December thing to do. I have to say I felt a little dorky that my hot date for Christmas light stroll was my four legged pal, but hey, she is the one in my life who is happiest to join me.

My big amusement was finding baby Jesus in the water. The most unusual nativity that I have ever seen - Joseph, Mary and Jesus in middle of the big reflecting pond on Main street surrounded by pretty floating lights... made me wonder if that is when he started walking on water?