Sunday, December 10, 2006

Warm, fuzzy, flannel

Is there anything nicer than fresh new flannel? I'm sitting here wearing the new flannel pajamas I got for my birthday. They are so nice and fuzzy and soft and warm! Even better, they are red, and even better than that they are decorated with snowflakes. I love snowflakes. It is snowing out side right now.

One thing I have observed in all my winters living in Utah is that snowstorms come most frequently on Sunday nights/Monday mornings. It's a Murphy's Law sort of thing, we get the most snow on the day of the week where we least want it. Nobody wants to battle the snow on their first morning back to work after the weekend. It is also the day furthest from the weekend ski days, so the chance there will be powder left at the ski resorts is slim. Sometimes I think it would be fun to get a hold of the weather records for the last 20 years and do a statistical analysis to see if indeed Monday AM storms are most probable. Yeah, Yeah, I know I'm a geek!

Regarding those pesky Christmas lights, I actually found some White C-7 replacement bulbs. At Target. I bought the last 4 packages. They had plenty of colored C-7 bulbs, but no C-9 bulbs. After being lit for 4 nights now, more bulbs have blown, including a bunch of those C-9's. I guess I need to search for them now, as the only replacements I have at home are blue, and I seem to need every color but blue. And of course by now we blew a fuse in one of the strands. Luckily we had a spare, and even better, my son volunteered to replace it! Hopefully by Christmas I'll have all the lights in perfect working order. We do after all, have those neighborhood standards to uphold! Every year I joke that my goal is have one more light than my neighbor across the street. Unfortunately, I think she's outdone me this year, and I have promised myself that I need to stop the madness... no more new lights!

I finally got my slumping molds in the mail, and so I spent time this weekend slumping my fused tiles. I think I like my little sushi-oid dishes better when I grind a little more to square off the corners. It's all one big learning process, one that I've been enjoying!

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Anonymous said...

Love the fused pieces whether you slump them or not. Your color choices are fabu.
Flannel pjs are something I never thought I'd wear but this just might be the year. I seem to be much chillier than DH - ALL THE TIME!