Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's been a while..

It appears once again I have been avoiding my blog. I've written about several topics, in my head, but never managed to sit down to get anything into my computer. I guess it's been a busy week, between work and New Years (no partying but I did go skiing), shoveling snow, a little more skiing and dismantling my crispy Christmas tree, time has flown. Today Matt was supposed to head back to college. I said supposed to, because he ended up not leaving. It snowed yesterday, and more today. Today was my "mothers nightmare" day... the only thing I don't like about Matt going to school in Durango is that he has to travel between here and there in the winter; over a couple of mountain passes, and through miles and miles of desolate 2 lane highway. I guess I was relieved that about the time he should have been leaving the snow really started coming down, removing any question in my mind about whether or not Matt should go. So he'll miss classes Monday, and hopefully the weather will break on Tuesday so he can be back at school for Wednesdays classes. As it turns out, his northern Colorado buddies aren't returning for Mondays classes either, many of the Colorado passes were closed due to avalanches. I guess I'll assume that a school located in the mountains must expect this sort of thing to happen once in a while.

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