Monday, August 18, 2008

Been disapearing again....

It appears that I have been neglecting my blog again... not for any great reason, other than it's summer and I've been busy with summertime things like hiking and biking and attending the "Twilight Concert Series" on Thursdays, and walking the dog and well, you get the picture. I lost a little time to a sick kid. Matt got a bad a case of tonsilitis; after feeling bad all weekend he woke up on a Monday morning and asked me to take him to the doctor. In addition to the throat symptoms and high fever he was having some strange neurological symptoms (numbness etc.) so the doctor ended up sending us to the ER. The ER doc pumped him full of antibiotics, steroids and painkiller, which had him feeling much better in a couple of hours. He said he never felt so bad in his life. It seemed silly to end up in the ER for tonsilitis,but it was probably a good thing since the IV drugs worked so quickly, and we had plans to leave on vacation on Saturday.

Matt was much better for by the weekend and we had a wonderful week in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my parents, siblings and their families. It's hard to beat a good beach vacation!!!!!!!!

All the "cousins", ready to head to the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Now, haven't I been patient? I only bugged you once!
So glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family and that you are enjoying your summer.
Ok - back to blogging!!!