Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July Road Trip - Part 1

Sarah and I decided to go visit her brother Matt in Durango, Colorado for the fourth of July weekend. Since a good road trip always includes going out of your way to visit fun spots we decided to take the long way and head down to Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe, Utah.
Mystic is a funky little hot spring. It's old, run down, and a bit of a hippie sort of place that's totally cool. The owner did artwork for the Greatful Dead, and being a music fan has concerts there sometimes. He's also a lampworker, and has/had other lampworkers living there. Kinda of a hippie lampworking commune... how cool!
I'd been there once before, but it was Sarah's first time. She must have her moms hippie wanna be gene, as she thought the place was totally cool, especially soaking in the tubs up on hill.
and how can you not like soaking in the hillside tubs? The scenery is spectacular!

We got there after dinner and were able to enjoy the setting sun. Sarah had fun taking some arsty pictures while the sun was setting. I especially like the ones of her feet in the tub.

Matt wanted us to bring Daisy to visit, so she happily joined us on our road trip. She was thrilled to sit by the tubs and keep us company.

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Lille Diane said...

WOW what are the odds of all these coincidences at one time? I am a follower of Mystic Dave's site, am writing a book about the late 60's when I ran away to the Haight in San Fran AND was born in Durango. [cue up the theme song to the Twilight Zone] book excerpt on lillediane dot com

I love these pics & now I really want to go there. Did you go to Pagosa Springs just east of Durango? They have nice hot springs there, too.

I'll be back. [:-)