Thursday, August 04, 2011

More from the trail....

Tonight I took yet another hike that I can't believe I had never done before... I went with the gals from the pottery studio up to Catherine's pass and on up to Sunset Peak. It's just a couple of miles and 1200 or so foot elevation gain up to the 10648 foot peak, and worth every step. Especially this time of year as the wild flowers are beautiful. The Albion basin, where the hike starts, is world renowned for it's wildflowers, and for good reason. How lucky I am that can take a great hike like this after work on a Wednesday, and lucky to found such a great group of people to share an adventure with!

Indian Paintbrush

The view of Lake Catherine from Catherine's Pass.

The view from the top.

More from the top.

Everyone who knows me knows I love snow.... we spied a little snow love on the mountainside!

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