Sunday, March 11, 2012

And so it begins....

Yesterday, the first of my children got married. OK, not one of my biological kids, but my son Matt's good friend Kory, one of my "kids" for sure. I feel blessed, that as my kids were growing up, we were one of the "hang out" houses. I always joked about running the "Morrison Home for Wayward Children" as we always seemed to have a full house. I even hung a Beware of the Children sign on my door. Kory was one of those boys that was always here, watching skateboard videos, doing rails and jumps out on the street, staying for dinner and now he is the first of the gang to get married. It's hard to believe my little skateboarder dude kids are all growing up.

Andrea, his new bride, is a sweet girl, who seems to have a lot of personal style. They were married in the mormon temple so we could not attend the ceremony, but they had a reception at the ward house that evening. They picked a "vintage theme" and had the room decorated with antique treasures collected from family and friends. The guest book was an old book we were invited to write in, antique trunks contained photos of the wedding couple, it was all rather sweet. And yeah I admit it, I cried.

The gang! It was not long ago the were all in front of the house skateboarding!

My baby Matt, I'm glad the wedding gave him an excuse to come home for a weekend. Don't you love his smile?

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Carol Hopkins Clayton said...

So glad Matt got to come home for the wedding. I must say, I LOVED the vintage theme - VERY COOL!!! Yep, our kids are all grown up. **sigh** It really doesn't seem possible!