Friday, December 14, 2012

Sedona Sojourn Day 7 - Boynton Canyon

An intersting thing about Sedona... It is known for it's powerful energy vortexes... If you are a metaphysical type or energy worker you'll know what I mean. I can't say I am believer or non-believer.. as I do suppose there are things modern science has yet to discover, but being a "show me the data" girl I do examine these things with a weird mix of open-mindedness and skepticism. Of the four energy vortex I visited, I can't say I noticed anything special until I visited Boynton Canyon. I have no idea if it was special energy, but my experience there was amazing. Perhaps people were scared away by the 'bear warning' signs or the fact that someone marked out the mileage on sign and scrawled 3.3 miles by GPS as the distance to the end of the canyon, but I hiked to the end of the canyon in solitude. I stood there surrounded by tall cliffs in near silence, silence punctuated by the buzz of insects and the caws of crows playing high up on the canyon walls. It was peaceful, and beautiful, and I have no idea if I was feeling vortex energy, but I certainly felt the beauty of being one with nature... it was quite magical. I hiked out of the canyon with such a happy, serene heart, and as I came closer to the trailhead I heard music... Indian flute music wafting up the canyon. High on a spire sat a man with a flute. What a magical experience!!! I ran into some people near the trailhead. They said the musician comes there everyday to play, and that he decorates the trees with sandstone hearts, and also gives hearts to people he meets along the way. I hiked the spire trail to better hear the music. The music ended and a guy walked up. He extended a hand, which held a sandstone heart and said "Here is a gift from mother earth". He certainly was not the the hippy-dippy Sedona energy worker type I expected... just an ordinary looking 50ish year old man, dressed in chinos and polo shirt. We chatted a bit and I thanked him for his lovely performance. As I hiked back down the car I noticed that indeed, there were sandstone hearts decorating the trees. What an interesting, special place Boynton Canyon turned out to be!

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