Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Northern Adventures I

Sarah and I had a weekend adventure up north to SE Idaho for a memorial for our dear friend Mabel. A sad reason for a road trip, but we decided to turn it into a fun weekend of camping and exploring new places. I'm always happy to have an excuse to visit Idaho as it is an beautiful state. Many years ago, back in the '80's I think, I read a book about a guy who walked across America. In his book he described Idaho as "America's best kept secret". After moving out west and discovering Idaho for myself, I have to agree. Even the farmland of south east Idaho is beautiful!

We spent a little time walking around Idaho Falls, where somehow I forgot to take pictures of the falls, but had a lot of fun taking pictures of the cool park benches we found around town. I love it when utilitarin items are turned into works of art! Anyone who know's me knows that I'm a hot springs freak, and like to try out new ones any chance I get. Idaho has a lot of hot springs, so I decided I should add a new one to my list. A google search turned up several in the vicinity of where I wanted to camp, and Green Canyon Hots Spring, which is located kind of in the middle of nowhere in between Rexburg, ID and Driggs, ID was the one I picked, mostly for it middle of nowhere location. As hot springs places often are this one was old and run down, but in a beautiful little canyon. Maybe I'm weird but I kind of prefer the funky, old places to opulent, fancy resort hot springs. There was a small outdoor pool, a huge indoor pool, a kinds funky shower house, and a concession where they were also selling tomatoes from their geothermal greenhouse. Even though it seemed to be in the middle of nowhere apparently people drive the 30ish miles from Rexburg and Driggs to take swim lessons and water aerobics classes there. We were given a lovely spot next to stream to camp so after our nice relaxing soak we were lulled to sleep by the gurgling stream.


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Sarah said...

Yay! This was so much fun, Mom. The bench pictures turned out awesome! I can't believe we saw so many.

I love and miss you lots