Monday, September 29, 2014

Reflections of Autumn

Fall has come to a favorite spot of mine, Willow Lake. Since discovering this little gem of a hike a few years ago, I have been determined to make it up here with my camera when the leaves were changing, but have been sidelined by a bad knee or unlucky enough to miss-timed when to expect the colors. I had reason to believe this was 'the week', but I had spent the week recovering from surgery and by the weekend, as I began to feel better, instead of hiking weather we had a dreary weekend of rain predicted, making me afraid I might once again miss my opportunity. But when a window of blue sky opened up Sunday on this otherwise very rainy weekend I suggested to my friend, "Let's go!", and he resoundingly said "Yes!" and off we went. Apparently this was my lucky year!

As frequently happens I've had a hard time deciding which pictures to post, so here is my indecisive collection of similar, yet different shots.

I wrote a little haiku to go along some of these pictures...

Autumn reflections

Leaves of green fade to yellow

Summer slips away

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Sarah said...

These pictures are amazzzing and make me so jealous I'm not in Utah for fall!!!

I love you Mom!