Friday, October 07, 2016

Loxahatche National Wildlife Refuge

On my recent visit to Florida I was lucky enough to have a short visit to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Anyone who knows me knows my love of nature and how much I appreciate that our nation has created these wonderful places, especially in places like Florida where suburbia and agriculture has totally overrun nature. Weather did not cooperate to let us see much of the wet Everglades part of the refuge, but we did get to enjoy a virtual airboat ride in the visitors center. We also had a nice walk on the boardwalk through the cypress forest, which seemed more like a jungle, and the botanist in me enjoyed the tropical diversity that is so much different than the arid west. Bromeliads, air plants, vines, ferns, including tree ferns many taller than I am were all treat to see. As my pictures attest, I especially enjoyed the unfurling leaves. It as though the plants are whispering I'm alive, I'm alive, I'M ALIVE!

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