Monday, April 24, 2017

Springtime Soaking!

I took a day off from work to check out, and check off, another hot spring on my list. I've known about Meadow Hot Spring for a long time, but it's just far enough away that I had not made way down there to check it out. Plus, I'd heard it was popular on the weekends so I wanted to go a weekday. April, my hot springs partner in crime has spring break, so I took a day off and we went to explore. Being spring break it was not as quiet as we would have liked, but it was still lovely.

As the name reveals, Meadow Hot Spring is in the middle of a wide open meadow. Some might not find it as scenic as mountain springs, but the view of white capped mountains enveloped by beautiful blue skies were quite stunning. I really like the wide open spaces. Meadow has three pools of varying temperatures. We only soaked in the hottest, which also happens to be the deepest, something like 30 feet deep. It was a lovely spring day soaking temp. (Perhaps a little cool on a cold winter day?) Some brave souls from Montana were soaking in the middle pools, which I thought was the prettiest pool. A third pool was cooler, but would be a great summer swimming hole, which is probably why someone had built a deck. My understanding is these pools are on private property, so I did drop a few dollars in the donation tube, and would love to publically thank the owners (should they ever stumble across this post) for keeping this lovely spot accessible to the public!!

#22 for my Hot Spring List! How many more to go?!!! Lots!

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