Wednesday, September 04, 2019


Labor day weekend I got to cross an item off of my hot springs list; a trip to Thermopolis Wyoming. I've wanted to go there for quire some time, but it's a little out of day trip range. The spring is large and impressive, cascading over 'waterfalls' of mineral deposits into the Bighorn River. It was very reminiscent of Yellowstone. The spring is located in a state park, and the state operates a bath house with a large indoor tub and outdoor pool where you can soak for free... for 20 minutes (and they say nothing in life is free!). There are also two private resorts with pool and slides.It was super hot that weekend so we just did the short free soak, which was long enough to tarnish all my silver. We also walked the boardwalks and swinging bridge and drove up high in the park where the views are lovely.

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