Monday, May 16, 2022

Lunar Eclipse

We buzzed up to Fossil Butte in hopes of catching a glimpse of some elk with our new spotting scope and the highroad was still closed. No luck with elk but a nice little hike and some burd watching. As we were leaving we spied a Red Tailed Hawk in the beautiful sunset light so we stopped to try out our scope and the camera system we bought to go with it.

As we were watching the hawk on the pole have dinner this and fussed with the scope and camera a crazy big moon started peeking up over the horizon. That's when we remembered that there was to be an eclipse. Surprised I'd forgotten, as I'm kind of into eclipses because my son surprised us by coming into this world 5 weeks early during a lunar eclipse. (aside, I always wondered if the lunar event was the cause of his early birth... that is until I had my baby girl, who popped out 5 and a half weeks early, with no lunar involvment at all. Perhaps I have a microwave womb?)

Lucky us to be in the right place at the right time to watch the moon rise! As we drove home we continued to have great views as the moon darkened, turned red and and became white again. It was so cool to watch, my best eclipse viewing ever! So thankful that the Red Tailed Hawk beckoned us to stop!

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