Wednesday, August 29, 2007


School started. It's my daughter's first week at the high school, and, unfortunately no amount of new school clothes and nice new hairdos makes up for being "Matt's little sister". Matt just graduated in May, so he still has friends at the high school so everywhere Sarah goes she hears the "Hey, your Matt's little sister aren't you?" or, perhaps more ominously, from her teachers: "Do you have an older brother?" I know my daughter, she wants to shine on her own, not in her brothers shadow. Knowing my daughter, she won't have any problem doing so.

The down side of Sarah being in high school is that I have to drive her there in the morning. I hate dealing with all the crazy drivers in the school parking lot, you'd think that you'd have to worry about all those fledgling drivers, but more often than not it's the parents who's driving makes me nuts.

And another thing that makes me nuts... high school students driving up to school in BMW convertibles. Not that I want to begrudge any other family their monetary success, but high school kids driving luxury cars just seems so wrong to me! At least Sarah is smart enough to know that she's not going to be the cute blond in a convertible come January when she gets her license!

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Anonymous said...

When my mom drove us to school, back in the olden days, she used to drop us off "near" the school and we walked the rest. Felt like a mile but I'm pretty sure it was only a block. She picked us up in the same place too.