Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween trick or treat continues....

A trick for me, a treat for Daisy. This is the mess I came home to yesterday. After emptying most of the candy into my Halloween treat bowl I had left the partially full bags of Halloween candy on the dining table, where Daisy obviously discovered them. I guess she must have one by one grabbed them from the dining room table and carried them to a comfy spot in the living room where she has snack time. I wonder which she likes better, KitKats, Almond Joys, Peanut M&M's, Snickers, or Hershey's Kisses? It must not have been Snickers, as she left about eight of those in the bag. Or maybe she likes Snickers but got full before she could finish them. Do you suppose the grabbed the bags one by one, ate the candy and went back for more? Or did she drag them all to the carpet and have a nice leisurely smorgasbord?

She must not have listened when her mama told her chocolate is poisonous for dogs. It's a good thing she's a big dog, as the chocolate didn't seem to make her sick. Do I have a doggie candy addict? Does she need a 12 step program?


Anonymous said...

The very first thing I noticed is that you had much better candy than me. We try not to buy chocolate because I know I will eat it. We also wait until Halloween day so the candy isn't screaming at me to eat it.
So no poopies around from your over indulged doggie?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the answer to that did they go about it?? Sometimes I wish I had a video camera set up so I could see what our dogs are up to.