Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday Wackiness

Last night we finally had a snow storm. Not a big one, just a few inches, but enough to make me pull out the snow shovel this morning. I imagine it would have all melted on its own, but when your driveway has as steep an incline as mines, you don't leave these things to chance. So I got up early (btw, I'm NOT a morning person) to do my snow removal task, toss a few snowballs for Daisy, and enjoy the cold crisp air and beauty of the my snow frosted world.

None of that is exactly wacky is it?... My Wednesday wacky observation came while I was walking across campus to my building. As I scurried across the rather icy parking lot I was admiring the stylish winter foot wear of a number of the coeds. I could use a new pair of winter boots, and the suede flat heeled boots many of the girls were wearing look pretty cute to me. I may have to do some shopping. Then out of the corner of I noticed the bare leg of a woman in capris wearing 3 inch tall platform sandals. Why would anyone wear such shoes, sans socks, on a snowy day? Definitely wacky!

On a non wacky note, have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy toddlers? My department runs a small day care center which is located in the building next to mine. A tiny tot, probably less than 2 years old was leading his father through the snow covered grass. Clearly he wanted to trudge through the snow rather than walk the plowed sidewalk and his Dad seemed happy to accommodate. The happy smile on his face was a nice morning perk me up for me!

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