Monday, September 01, 2008

More on tattoos...

I had a few responses to my blog about tattoos. My friend Melissa thought that the grenade may be from the cover of a Green Day album. I'm not quite sure if it was quite the right style of grenade for that, and since I didn't take a picture, who knows? I love music and have my favorite musicians, but none mean quite enough to me to get a tattoo in homage to them.

My friend Ellen has a image of a pink ribbon tattooed on her lower leg. She's a breast cancer survivor, or as she says, thiver, so I can totally understand how she decided on her tattoo.

When the kids were little we had a family joke about having a family tattoo night where we get a tattoo. I figured the best way to suppress the desire to get a tattoo would be make it a family thing. Not that I have anything particularily against tattoos, I just figured that getting one was an adult decision, not one for kids.

Regarding my future's my little secret (or shall I say "too much information"? LOL). I have, on my rear end, a birthmark; a good sized "Café au lait" spot. I figure since I'm marked there already, maybe I should go ahead and get it decorated. No one see it anyway, maybe I could have some flowers or a pretty design put there, just for fun. My daughter tells me that when she was little I had a different idea for a birthmark decoration. I swear I don't remember ever saying this, but she sys I told her I was going to get a little pig tattooed there, and turn my birthmark into a picture of a pig playing in a mud puddle. What do you think? Should I go for it? LOL! ...Hmmm doubtful!


Anonymous said...

A butt tattoo??? Are you kidding? Yes, absolutely, get 'er done!!! However, I will tell you that a good part of having one is showing it off. Might be a little dicey with the butt thing but then, you just might be the chica to do so.

one-eared pig said...

Do it, and then wear pants with a little window so everyone can see without dropping your drawers!