Saturday, September 27, 2008

High Fashion

Last night I hung out with a girl friend. We grabbed dinner at mexican restaurant, stopped to see a another friends new house, then decided to check out the local craft store. We got distracted on the way to the craft store and ended up at TJ Maxx instead. Spending a part of an evening clothes shopping reminded me of something I meant to blog about a long time ago.
On rainy day When I was vacationing in Hilton Head this summer we briefly forayed into a shopping mall. Sarah and I wandered into the Saks Off Fifth store. My lifestyle doesn't require a lot of fancy clothes I really don't care about designer anything so Saks is sort of uncharted territory for me. As Sarah perused the designer jeans (Is she my daughter?) I wandered aimlessly just to see what a store like Saks had to offer. I stumbled upon these rhinestone studded T-shirts and had a jaw drop moment. The prices, "discounted" at Saks off-price store, were over $100 a t-shirt!!! Hundred dollar t-shirts? Does anyone really buy these? I guess they were from a good designer, a really good designer? Having no knowledge of the fashion world I'd have no idea. Worse then the $100 price tag, does anyone actually ever shell out the "real" price of $184 for a t-shirt? Yikes I'll stick with TJ Maxx, thank you.

(...and my "big" purchase for the night was a pair of White Mountain (faux Birkenstock) suede clogs, something I really wanted for winter, and, even better, clearance tagged for $15.... guess I'm a cheap date!)


Anonymous said...

You're not alone, chica. I don't get it either.

one-eared pig said...

But those shirts have *rhinestones*. :) Everything is better wiht rhinestones.