Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Good Morning...

I'm the first one to admit that I'm not really a morning person. My zombie like morning routine - get up, get dressed, feed the dog, out the door to work. A stop at my morning coffee shop for my favorite elixir, a glance at the newspaper and perhaps a moment or two of chit-chat with my coffee shop friends. All on non-thinking, unobservant autopilot. But once in a while I notice enough of my morning surroundings to have a little smile. Like this morning, getting out of my car and noticing the sun peaking over the mountain, and how pretty the sun rays were, even as the they filtered through the signs and poles and utility lines of 33rd south.

Then at a stop sign near the U. I noticed a sticker in the back left window of the car in front of me. St Xavier.... a flash back from back home in Ohio, a Cincinnati college. The right side of the window had sticker for University of Dayton, another school back home. For a few moments as I followed that car I felt transported to my past life in southwest Ohio.

After parking my car I had sweet morning moment. As I walked past the little day care center next to work two adorable little blond girls probably 3 or 4 years old stepped out of separate cars. They spied each other, and with big smiles on their faces gave each other a big hug, and started running together toward the building. They giggled and laughed as they skipped down the sidewalk leaving their fathers behind. There smiles were infectious, they really made me smile too.

I'm glad that for some odd reason I payed attention to "morning" today.

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