Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Night Out...

Sarah called me at work Tuesday afternoon to tell me "the Notwist are playing tonight at The Venue". The Notwist is German band my son introduced me to a few years ago that I really like. She had mentioned a while back that she had heard they were coming (she's much more in tune to the local concert scene than I am!) and we talked about going. Obviously, she and I didn't exactly plan ahead for this, and she had other plans for the night. So after some hemming and hawing I decided I just be a "brave" girl and go by myself.

Since I don't really get out much, I'm not especially 'up' on how the local concert scene works. Smithtix said the The Notwist 7pm so in my naivety I figured that's when I should go to the concert. So I arrive at 7 and sure enough the doors open at 7 and there are about 4 people in the room. The Venue is an all ages place, so there's no booze, but to accommodate the drinkers they have a club in an adjacent room. Since clearly the concert isn't starting for awhile I decide to go get a drink. I traipse up the steps the desk, where I have to present my ID (yup I'm 47 and I still need to show ID), sign my name to the roster and get handed a card that gives me clearance to enter the club. Unfortunately the club is full of smokers, and since I can't take my drink back to the concert room I pass on the cocktail. So I wander back to the smokeless room and stand around and wait until 8 when some unknown (to me at least) guy sang, then more wait and wait until after nine when the band I came to see finally played.

I suppose I should have felt a little weird standing there for two hours by myself, but I don't actually mind doing things alone. What did feel weird is that I think I was the oldest person in the room - by about 2 decades. I guess the over 40 crowd doesn't like hip music? Or maybe they don't go to concerts in skanky all ages clubs?I for one am thrilled when my kids turn me on to some new music that I like. Good music should have now age boundaries!

Sadly, despite that it was a really small venue, (which I love) the concert was a little dissapointing because he accoustics in the warehouse-y room where really bad. Live and learn. I guess I should get out more so I know the good places to hear music. I think the Notwist would have been spectacular in a better place.

If you're curious about The Notwist they have some music clips on their Myspace page.

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Ellen said...

I remember the first time we went to the House of Blues in Chicago to see Delbert McClinton. We got there when the doors opened and then stood (no seating) for, what seemed like forever, until Delbert came on. It was worth it but we were beat.