Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Unfortunately, not my flowers, it's a friend's neighbor's house, but all the tulips set against the picket fence looked so pretty I had to take a photo op!

So what's Cinco de Mayo all about? I don't really know. I know it's NOT Mexican independance day as commonly thought. It is he celebration of some important battle, but having spent half my life as a history-phobe I don't know much about that either.
What I do know is that I have co-opted the holiday to suit my needs. I've decided that Cinco De Mayo is the start of margarita season, so I'm having friends over for a fiesta and of course, margaritas!

This year I decided to try some out of the box cooking. How does a chili laced flourless chocolate torte with cayenne flavored whipped cream sound? The cake recipe called for ancho chili powder, but in my last dash, no time to go to a mexican store hurry, I had to substitite, so I used dried guajillo peppers, which I ground into an almost powder in my magic bullet type blender. I figure it will be a interesting, yummy dessert, or a culinary misadventure.... but after a few margaritas it probably won't matter which it turns out to be!

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Anonymous said...

Cheers! Drink one for me!