Thursday, June 18, 2009

A grand night out!

Sunset over the Great Salt Lake (...this picture's not from todays adventure, but one I had about 2 weeks ago)

Yeah, not what you think at all. We have had the rainiest June I have ever seen. Evening rainstorms nearly every night for what seems like weeks. Very weird weather for Utah. But tonight we had a reprieve from the rain, so I thought I'd make the best of it by tying on my running shoes and taking Daisy for a jog and walk down in the gully.

It was a wonderful night for the gully. When I got to the first bridge there was guy sitting playing guitar. A really interestingly shaped classical guitar, the shape was similar to a zuni bear fetish if that makes sense. He said it was old, passes down through the family. A little accoustic music in the gully is a nice thing.

A little further down the trail I ran into a drummer. Unfortunately he was leaving, so I missed that concert... I kind of like this getting back to nature with music thing.

It was a really nice night, cool and delightful. The air, cleansed by all the rain I guess, was cool and damp and downright intoxicating. I reached the end of the gully and turned back along the creek, walking west. By then the setting sun was filtering through trees, illuminating bits of floating cottonwood fluff. I was serenaded by the moving water in the creek and all sorts of birds. Clearly it was music time for them as well. I wish I knew their songs. There was one particularily loud bird with a lovely song that had to be in a shrub right next to the trail, but try as I might I could not find him. I'd love to know what kind of bird he was. It was getting dark as I headed up the wooded section of trail that winds towards my home. I really enjoy heading through the tunnel of trees in the dark. It's so peaceful and quiet.

Hows that for a grand night out?


Ellen said...

It sounded like a grand night, Linda. It sounded like a perfect night.

Anonymous said...

I sounds like the best kind of a grand night out to me!