Thursday, June 11, 2009

More from last weeks family adventure...

My cousins introduced me to a cool new website, Local Harvest, where you can look up farmers markets, businesses and restaurants that support local agriculture and organic food. They had a hit list of places they wanted to try as they travelled. Squatters Brewery here in SLC made their list, so we went for lunch after our visit to Antelope Island. I hadn't been there in a long time, so I wasn't aware of their buy local and organic effort, I mostly know of their beer. Cousin Ed decided to try the beer sampler, which, with a fun local touch, was brought out in a rack made from skis... a real "Brewski" you could say!
After lunch we stopped home and grabbed Sarah, who'd been at school, and headed up into the mountains for hike up to Donut Falls. It was too cold and the water to high to climb up through the creek to get the close up view of the falls, but it was still a lovely hike.

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