Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hiking again... Alexander Basin

Today I hiked with the Wasatch Hiking Meetup Group up to Alexander Basin In Millcreek Canyon. This hike was not for the faint of heart. It wasn't very long, only a mile and a half up to the basin,but it was steep, but about a 1300 ft elevation gain. This trail went pretty much straight up the hill with hardly any switch backs. And I mean UP! It was definitely humbling for me, as I was the slow one in the group, something that I'm usually not. Proof I really need to loose the extra weight I guess(or shave off some years as I always seem to be the "old" one in the group)

The wild flowers were incredible, and we got to see a great big bull moose!

This shot reminds me of the ending scene from "The Sound of Music"

Look close there's a moose in there!

Some wildlower pictures of course!


Lille Diane said...

Beautiful pix. A moose!! I'd love to see a moose.

Also read your post about mystic hots springs and Durango.

WOW what are the coincidences of this? I am a follower of Mystic Dave's site, am writing a book about the late 60's when I ran away to the Haight in San Fran AND was born in Durango. [cue up the theme song to the Twilight Zone]

book excerpt on lillediane dot com

I love the pics & now I really want to go there. Did you go to Pagosa Springs just east of Durango? They have nice hot springs there, too.

I'll be back. [:-)

one-eared pig said...

Gorgeous! I am still insanely jealous!