Friday, January 15, 2010

My Children...

I guess I don't really have "children" any more. My baby, Sarah, turned 18 on Sunday. I'm now the parent of two adults. I can't imagine how that happened, I swear I popped them out just the other day. But now here they are all grown up. It seems like just yesterday I had a houseful of kids for parties full of games and craft projects and treats and balloons and crazy cakes shaped like cats or caterpillars or butterfies. I kind of miss those days.

This year celebration was low key. Matt skipped his first day of classes so he could celebrate with us, Sarah's friend Neeka attended as did Nate (a friend of Matts from college who is living with us this semester). My neighbors also came over. I made, as always, Sarah's favorite chocolate cake. 18 is a lot of candles. I'd forgotten to buy a new box, so we made due with old ones saved from years past. We ended up with mathematical representation of age 3x3x2=18. That works doesn't it?


Ellen said...

Looks like a nice little party. Sorry I missed it - especially the chocolate cake portion.
I know how you feel about being shocked at the ages of your children. My son's 33rd birthday is today. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Clayton said...

Congratulations on raising two responsible adults, Linda! I'd say "we done good!!"