Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas '09

The bad blogger returns at last! Started a blog entry before Christmas but never got it finished. Then a few days after Christmas disaster struck... some rotten little cold bug invaded my bronchial tubes and I've been a sicky ever since.

So back to Christmas.... can I say I have the best kids ever. They are always so kind and polite on Christmas. Despite the mound of gift with their names on them awaiting opening, their first priority on Christmas morning is to give each other and me their gifts. I am so thrilled that they are so musch more concerned about each other that what "Santa" brought!!!

Perhaps their Christmas stockings help with their patience. Santa fills them with plenty of gifts, and lays them next their bed to be opened before they wake me up. I have to admit that at 17 and 20 those stockings are difficult to fill, but I still hear exciting exclamations coming from their room in the morning.

This year they surprised me by filling my stocking and placing it next to my bed. No one has filled my stocking for me since my mom last did. That would have been back int the early 80's. I was really touched. It made me cry a little.

Prior to opening their gifts the kids wanted to give the pets their gifts. A new toy for Oreo the cat, and a huge rawhide bone for Daisy. Daisy was pretty excited, she'd been eyeing those big bones on her walks through Petsmart. This bone had a red ribbon tied to it, and sometime that morning Sarah got worried that Daisy would chew the ribbon. So she got a scissor and reached over to cut the ribbon off. You should have seent the look on poor Daisy's face. It was as though she was saying to us "OMG, you ruined MY favorite present" Clearly Daisy had taken ownership of the bone, ribbon and all. Sarah felt bad, and extended the ribbon towards Daisy, who with a look of relief, quickly took it in her mouth, and set it next to her bone. She was not about to lose any of her gift!!! No way, no how!!



Ellen said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better (My husband's felt like crap for 4 wks now) and that you had such a nice cmas with your wonderful kids.

Carol Clayton said...

Linda, I'm pretty sure we have the best kids EVAH!!! Courtney had a blast with the pets' gifts as well - our furry family members made out like bandits this year! Hope you are finally getting all the way over this nasty virus. I feel a little bit better today - again, LOL!