Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

How do you like my Christmas tree? I thought about buying a little tree for Matt's apartment, but we've been running around too much to find the time, so after the kids went to bed, I went to work... so this is my kitchen drawer Christmas tree... a Perrier bottle, some aluminum foil, cling wrap and grocery bags... plus a few ornaments the kids grandma sent with their gifts. Being so far from home, I didn't do much in the way of gifts, but I did fill a small stocking for the kids I knew would be here Christmas morning... it's how funny exciting things like a new toothbrush are, even to college kids, when they come in a stocking from Santa. My kids also had some gifts from their relatives, so it was much like a "normal" Christmas, even though we were far from home. I really enjoyed having all 5 "kids" here, eating and laughing and watching skateboard videos. Now that my kids are off at school, I miss the buzz and activity of a house full of kids, this mornings full house was a pleasant Christmas gift to me. (Can I call them kids when they are 18-23?)
A Christmas tree in the metro...

After Matt made us a nice breakfast, we headed out on the metro to Eiffel Tower. The weather had cleared up so it was sunny, but it was really, really cold, especially when you have to wait in line forever. The wait was entertaining, we had about million opportunities to purchase little Eiffel towers in a myriad of colors and sizes from any number of illegal merchants. Every now and then you would here someone yell "Police" and dozens of merchants, being chased by officers on bikes, would scurry off the premises. Unfortunately, we were not able do ascend to the top of the tower, as it was closed due to ice. We also never walked the grounds, because after waiting in lime and ascending the tower and enjoyed the view it was dark and cold and everyone was frozen solid. We may have to go back another day.

Sarah and I kinda liked the Eiffel Tower lollipops!

The sun sets early here, it was dark by the time we left.

My kids and I.

After the tower we had a nice Christmas dinner, delicious ham from the butcher, vegetables, and wine Matt had purchased on one of his school excursions wine country. Matt's friends surprised us by going for walk finding and open boulangerie and returning with a couple cute little yule log cakes for dessert. They must have read my mind because as I had been totally fascinated by the Christmas cakes I saw in the case at bakery next door to Matt's place, so I was glad to get to taste one!


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Carol Clayton said...

LOVE your Christmas tree, Linda! Your photos are fantastic - I almost feel like I was there (I could definitely feel the cold air in the family pic!). Hope you get the chance to go back up in the tower as I would LOVE to see what pics you'll take!! Have a fabulous rest of your trip - it sounds like it has been incredible so far!!! Green with envy here in snowy Utah!