Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Princess Diaries

December is a month of festivities, and I get an extra one, as it is my birthday month. A big one this year, turning the big 5-0.
The Saturday prior to my big day was the December birthday celebration with my singles group, two of us turned 50 and the other gal arranged a party prior to dancing with the group during which we were both gifted with tiaras. I'm not at all bothered by turning 50, to be honest, my 40 sucked. (Marital hell and a divorce) So I was happy to don my tiara and dance my way into my 50's!

I had actually planned to let the event slide by unnoticed but a few weeks before my big day my sister called and asked "What are you doing for your birthday", and I answered "it's Wednesday, so pottery class", and she said "How about I come and spend it with you? You should't have to spend you 50th alone,"... so wow, my birthday quickly went from non-event to "Princess Week".

On my birthday I wore my tiara to the coffee shop, where I was gifted my morning beverage, and also to work for a short time before heading to the airport to pick up Donna.. I wore it to the credit union and up to and into the hot springs, and to dinner at Roosters and wandering the Ogden Christmas village. I was digging the princess gig!

My princess day turned to princess week...When I found my sis was coming I wanted to do something special and arranged a spa night for us on Thursday. We had massages and facials and a lovely dinner out. And if those princess activities weren't enough, my sister came with a surprise. When my cousins heard she was flying out here, they decided to do something nice for us and arranged a Friday night stay for us at a swanky Deer Valley hotel(in-room fireplace and all), where we had a lovely dinner and played in the outdoor hot tub and pool in falling snow. Saturday we checked out the galleries and shops on Park City's main street, and then had a dinner party and merriment with my friends. Sunday, after running Donna to the airport, I went skiing with two girlfriends, one who actually had free passes for us that day.

So I really had a week fit for a princess and I feel so blessed by my family and friends. Special thanks to Carolyn for gifting me the tiara!!! I think my 50's are off to a really good start!!!
Picking up Donna at the airport.
Soaking at Crystal Hot Springs
Dinner at Roosters Brewpub
Ogden Utah's Christmas Village
The Chateaux at Silver Lake
Donna, soaking at the Chateaux
A little winter swim!
Wandering Park City


Ellen said...

I celebrated my 50th for a week and one of the activities was a spa day. I think you are entering a wonderful decade in your life. You are stronger and ready for some new stuff. Good on ya, chica!

cheuser said...

Sounds like you had an amazing week! You are very welcome for the tiara!!


Carol Clayton said...

Sounds like it was a week fit for a Queen. You deserved it!!!!