Tuesday, November 30, 2010


After geting up this morning and shoveling another 5 inches of snow I headed off to work. Upon getting to my favorite parking lot this is what I found. See that huge pile of snow? See that yellow parking lot stripe? See that that stripe is the last stripe on the right?.... Yup, that means they left that huge pile of snow right in the middle of the road! FAIL!!!!

Of course parking being as tight as it is at the "U" when I left work I found cars parked on either side of the pile, essentially adding 2 new spaces to the parking lot. I wonder how the parking nazi's handled that one. Tickets? No tickets? Hmmmmmm.

And another huge fail. My daughter called this morning to let me know she arrived safetly in Arcata. She arrived, but her luggage did not. After the flight nobody on her plane's luggage was found at the baggage carousel. Apparently the baggage handlers forgot to load the entire plane's worth of luggage before departing from Sacramento yesterday... Epic Fail!!!!!
Not my street, but the pretty tree lined street that leads out of my neighborhood.
Yeah, just a wee bit of snow in the front yard this morning!

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