Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More from my last adventure.

While out adventuring with my relatives we discovered a cool place I'd never seen before; Cascade Springs. While driving the Alpine Loop my uncle spied the sign to Cascade Springs and asked "Where does that go?" and my answer was "I have no idea, I've never been down that road" so we decided to investigate. The road headed down a long hill out of the forested mountain into a valley of barren Utah scrub land. About 7 miles and a 1500 foot descent into the valley we came to the Cascade Springs parking lot. A short walk through the woods and there we were, looking at the most amazing spring. This was not a trickling little spring like others I know of in the Wasatch, this spring gushed water, creating an lush green oasis in the middle of dry range land. It was quite an amazing site, a little googling an I discovered that 7 million gallons of water pour out of the ground at this spot, a real oasis in the desert!

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Unknown said...

I have driven by that sign about 20 times and never followed it. think I might just have to next time. Thanks Linda.