Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sarah came home from school yesterday... no small task, since she lives in the middle of nowhere in far northern California. Something about picturing my sweet daughter and "Donner Party" in the same thought made me think that flying was the safest bet to get her home. Unfortunately, I should have planned more than a month ahead for Thanksgiving travel, as her itinerary was terrible. A 7PM flight out of Arcata, only to spend the night in the Sacramento airport waiting for her 8AM flight to Salt Lake. All for the bargain price of $671. Her return flight is 12 hours as well. (It's a 15 hour drive) I guess she will learn to like the Sacramento airport.

The good thing is that she is here!! Apparently flying out of Arcata in sketchy at best. The rainy and foggy coastal weather causes many flight delays and cancellations. Her flight ended up being delayed a few hours, no big deal with a 9 hour layover. The flight was so bumpy she actually said prayers... and she is not religious. Unfortunately, some of her friends flights were canceled, with a 2 day wait until the next available flight. So as I said, I'm glad she arrived!

She must be lucky in more ways than one. Her one hope for Thanksgiving break was that it would snow when she was home. Judging from the foot of snow we received last night, I think she was granted her wish!!!
How do you like the gift the snowplow left for me? Positioned strategically right behind my car. I guess he didn't think shoveling the foot of snow would be workout enough for me. so I was tasked with glacier removal as well!

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Ellen said...

Ah, the "gift" at the end of the driveway. My husband used to think the plow jockeys had it in for him. Yours looked like it weighed a ton.