Saturday, March 19, 2011

Like mother, like daughter...

Let me start this by saying that I am not much of a shopper. Now I admit, that back in the olden days, when I actually thin, I did enjoy a bit of clothing shopping from time to time. But now that I've come to hate the the dressing room mirror, clothes shopping is more of a depressing thing that I mostly only do when I have an event to go to, or a vacation planned, or I realize that my clothes are literally falling apart. And shopping for other things, like household items? I don't do much of that either. At this point in my life I mostly need to declutter and rid myself of things, not add to the mess. So no, I'm not much of a shopper.

But.... every now and then I have what I call "shopping savant" moments. Moments like driving down the street and passing TJ Maxx and thinking "I think I need to shop" and low and behold they just got in ski clothes, and I scored the perfect pair or ski pants for $40. Or when Ross beckoned me in and I found those great leather boots for $20. There have been many such instances in my life. I love these moments, moments when I'm not even thinking of shopping and some how get compelled to stop and shop anyway, and stumble upon the perfect item or better yet a perfect bargain.

Apparently, my daughter has my gift. Sarah has always been a girl of original style, enjoys having things that aren't the same as everyone else, therefore she's always been drawn to seeking the "one of a kind" at thrift stores. She's home for spring break this week and yesterday after work I found her and a friend in the kitchen busily baking. We are all chatting and suddenly she blurts out "OMG mom, you need to see what I got today. I was driving down 33rd to the bead store and suddenly thought "I need to go to Thrifttown" and so I did". Then she shows me the jean jacket and perfect (for her) funky shirt she found. "and they were even having a 1/2 off sale." Clearly she was pleased to have been drawn into the store on the "good day".

Then she pulls out the real prize for the day... a purse. She LOVES purses. But this purse is not any purse, but a handmade purse made from an old psychology book: "Psychology and Life". She LOVES handmade and she LOVES funky, and more importantly, she LOVES psychology. She is majoring in psychology in college, and is quite passionate about it. She is also quite enamored with concept of "life", embracing it, enjoying and making the best of it. I can not over-emphasize how much this highly unusual find is so perfect for my girl. And... even on sale.... for a whopping dollar. So yeah, I think she got the shopping savant gift too. Like mother like daughter!

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Ellen said...

I love this story. Most of all, I love your daughter's spirit and enthusiasm for life and all that it has to offer.
You've done a good job, mom.