Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To be young again...

Yeah it would be great to be young again.... really young! I get to be involved in lots of interesting projects at work, and for one of them we are studying Rhinovirus (the common cold), so one of my jobs is to pick up snot samples at daycare centers that are participating in the study. Today I had to wait a minute for the director to fetch the samples so I stood and read what was written on the white board in the centers entryway. It was a note to parents talking about the kids day. I know it's hard to read in the picture so I'll type out what it said:

Today we explored the bottom of the ocean in our submarines. Then we flew through the sky with our magic wings. At the end we were alligators and made waves with the parachute!

Doesn't that sound like a totally stupendous day? Reading that just made me smile... and it makes me think I wouldn't mind being a preschooler once more!

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