Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adventures in Rehab 5/4/13... Eureka, Utah 3

One of the cool places my friend took me was to the private cemetery of the mine owner. I certainly never would have found that on my own... A short drive out of town, up a quiet road, climb over a cable fence, walk through the woods and there it was, the Fitch cemetery. It's a good thing I had a tour guide!!!

I have to wonder about this grave. Unlike the others there was no headstone, just a tiny metal marker. At first I thought maybe it was a baby who died but the plaque said Aubrey Fitch 1852-1927... I have to wonder it he was the blacksheep of the family or something and that is why his marker was so tiny.

The Tintic Mine

The uppermost building is the Tintic Goldminers Inn

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