Monday, May 06, 2013

Adventures in Rehab 5/4/13... Eureka Utah

My rehab photography excursion to Eureka ended up being much more interesting than I expected it to be. Believe it or not I actually know someone in Eureka. (Population 674 in 2011 according to the census bureau.) Jayme. a high school student, is a fellow beadmaker who know through our local lampwork group. His parents own the Tintic Goldminers Inn Bed and Breakfast. When I decided to head to Eureka I messaged him to ask for suggestions, and he invited me to come visit the B&B and volunteered to show me around town.

The old mining town of Eureka is quickly becoming ghost town. Most of the buildings are vacant and in disrepair, yet still give off he vibe of town rich in history. We had a lucky day, much to Jayme's surprise, the mining museum was open for us to visit. Then we bumped into some old fellows, son's of Billy Baum, the man who owns and is trying to restore these old buildings, who invited us to poke around inside and treated us to many interesting stories of the history of Eureka. I just love these chance meetings with interesting people. I have more pictures to come, but first some shots of Main Street Eureka.

The 'Topless' Bar... has no roof...

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