Friday, May 15, 2015

My Son, the Skate Boarder

Matt at the Eureka, CA skatepark in 2010.

My goodness.... it has been forever since I posted anything... and not for good reason, I actually have a full list of things I've meant to post.. cool pictures from another trip to Eureka, adventures on a trip to in Zion, Brighton snow sculptures, Northern Utah Adventures, amusing things I have found here and there... It seems like after a few days have past it is 'too late' to blog the things that capture my interest... hmm perhaps I should backward blog them all.

 But here, before it is 'too late' I want to blog a fun thing from last week... Not my life really, but my son's, but it made me smile! This is my son's adolescent fantasy come true. He spent every warm weather moment of his childhood on his skateboard (How many times did I hear "Watch me ollie Mom!"?), or watching skate videos when the weather was bad, and he and his friends were constantly filming their tricks and making their own videos. Now, finally, at age 25 he debuted in his first 'pro' skateboard video last week. He's at minute 8:01, just one quick trick (nothing fancy he told me), but his name is in the video. He said he didn't even realize he got filmed that day.

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