Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bling time

Who wants some bling? Girls all do, right? Apparently, somewhere near Broadway in New York City there are crown stores full of beautiful tiaras at very reasonable prices and when a gal I know heads to to NYC she likes to shop there. I was the lucky recipient of a tiara for my birthday last year, and last week when planning a trip to NYC my friend put out the "Who wants a crown?" callout on facebook and ended up needing to pick up ten tiaras. I guess we all want to be princesses!

We have no tiara stores in Salt Lake, but it seems we are not lacking bling, sometimes found in surprising places. On Saturday while running errands I stopped at the IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) store, and there I found more bling than I've seen in forever.... sparkly western belts, rhinestone necklaces, and if you were kid, or a gal with very small feet, glitter toed cowboy boots in pink and blue and silver! I guess country gals like to be blingy princesses too!

Oh, and while you are at it, you can buy some baby chickens, or maybe a rubber pirate chicken.

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