Monday, June 01, 2015

Some favorite music

So I have a favorite music artist. Kind of an unusual choice for an old gal, as he's a hiphop/rap type artist, and I find that a lot of people my age (54!!) don't embrace the 'new' music. But I am a gal with quite eclectic musical tastes, and love discovering new and interesting artists. Grieves came to me through my daughter, who discovered him when he opened up for Atmosphere, way back when she was about 15. We have a funny bit of history together about Grieves, which I have written about in the past here and here. I really, really love his music, have all his albums and joke that I am his "oldest fan". It really surprises teh 20 somethings at work when I start playing his music in the lab. What? An old woman likes hip hop? Say it isn't so.

Imagine my surprise last week when driving home from work, listening to my totally un-cool and un-hip, 'All Things Considered' on NPR and I hear Grieves "Bloody Poetry" playing! So what does this mean? Is NPR cool now? Or maybe it's always been cool, despite that my listening to it made my kids nuts back when they were in school. Sarah always complained that everyone on public radio talked in a mono-tone! Or maybe I'm cool now? Eh, probably not...LOL Is Grieves now a mainstream artist? I've always thought of him as 'alternative', I don't think anyone I've ever told about him, old or young, had ever heard of him. I hope getting played on NPR is a sign that he has "arrived" as his music is great! Give him a listen!

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