Sunday, June 18, 2017

Giddy Up on the Pony Express Trail

Our Memorial Day adventure... we took the Pony Express Trail across central Utah and over to Nevada. Dirt roads over mountains, past wild horses, through deserts, wildlife refuges, and tiny towns so remote it is hard to imagine life there, then back over mountains into Nevada where we were able to catch the interstate for long cruise home.

Simpson Springs, a watering hole along the Pony Express Trail. This is also the valley where Utah's wild horses roam. We saw some in the distance.
Scenes from the desert... I imagine it is water dependent, but plant and wild life changes quite as we crossed the desert

Fish Creek Nation Wildlife Refuge... An oasis in the desert, another gem in our national wildlife refuge system!

Found on a ranch in the tiny town of Calao, Utah. No paved roads for 50 miles, a tiny one roomish looking school nearest city is 90 miles away. But, yes they have a blue giraffe!

Found this fellow as we crossed the over the north end of the Deep Creek Mountains

The Deep Creeks from the Nevada side, surprisingly green but that probably wont last long at all

Heading toward Wendover you could see the Salt Flats off in the distance

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